Analog Way



The Analog Way RK-350 is a user-friendly Remote Control Keypad that's compatible with 6 different switchers and features a mini joystick for easy element control, an Ethernet LAN RJ45 connector for easy connection, and a large VFD display offering high contrast menu.

Analog Way RK-350 Features:

User Controls:

  • Graphic fluorescent display with high contrast
  • Displays controlled Device Status
  • Full control menu and settings of the paired switcher
  • Direct layers, logos, frames and sources selection
  • User defined layers properties memories
  • Illuminated 3 color buttons
  • Mini T-Bar to control effect level
  • Easy adjustments by mini-Joystick
  • Stand-by mode

Input/Output Connectors:

  • RJ45 for TCP/IP Ethernet connection
  • RS232 Com Port

Daily price : 100.00 €
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