The SMX15 is a versatile speaker that benefits from coaxial technology which offers a perfectly coherent wide acoustic field even in nearfield listening. The SMX15 has been designed for applications requiring both high acoustic performance and professional ergonomics. It is defined by a sound accuracy rivalling studio monitors whilst producing a sound pressure level down to very low up to very high frequencies. The frequency and phase response are perfectly linear resulting in exceptional feedback reduction. The unique ergonomics of the SMX15 which includes APG’s unique Aiming Tuning System (AST), enable the speaker to be tilted at five different angles (15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°). The SMX15 meets all professional requirements in terms of versatility, compactness, ease of handling and setup, with multiple handles, multiple recesses cabling connectors, strong front grill, etc. As a result of its exceptional acoustic performances, it offers a different approach to stage monitoring - it is truly compatible with ear-monitors but also because it extends the response of the "in-ears" in the low frequencies which considerably enhances the experience for the artist. Used as FOH system, the SMX15 is perfect for all types of live entertainment or music playback. Combined with subs, it becomes a high power nearfield or midfield FOH system. For low frequency reinforcement, the recommended subs are: TB118S, TB215S and TB218S.

Daily price : 35.00 €
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