The showSTORE XLan is an advanced DMX controller that can record and playback DMX data like a tape recorder. All data for lighting changes, fades and effects distributed on up to 4 DMX Universes (2048 channels) may be recorded for a maximum of 24 hours in real time on 4GB flash memory for accurate reproduction.


Up to 99 shows of lighting data may be recorded from either the Ethernet lighting network and/or two DMX input ports, and replayed via Ethernet and/or XLR outputs. The showSTORE XLan is fully programmable and is compatible with ELC dmXLAN software. It is ideal for automating larger stand-alone shows, such as retail and exhibition displays, including moving light effects.


Features include:

  • Real-time recording of 4 DMX universes to replay up to 99 automated shows on a solid-state 4GB SD memory card with a capacity up to 24 hours

  • Provides a stand-alone control system to replace a regular DMX desk

  • Built-in Ethernet-DMX node

  • Comprehensive external triggering using single or combined elements including contact closures, MIDI, RS232, realtime clock (with 12-month calendar), TCP/Telnet commands, SMPTE timecode, ASCII command set, or DMX-In

  • USB connection for file exchange and backup, compatible with PC and Mac

  • FTP and internal webserver features


Daily price : 50.00 €
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